Monday, November 28, 2011


My love for the Ocean and all things water is something that has helped me through so many tough spots over the years.

Growing up surfing and diving in the South China Sea, water skiing and wake boarding in Lake Tahoe, or running with lava rocks under the crystal blue waters of Hawaii, my heart has always been drawn to the Ocean and all things water.

Whether it's a SUP surf session or a distance paddle on my SUP race board I often find myself looking back at the land, gazing at the coast line in the distance and for a moment all life's worries are there on the shore and not in the water. It's a moment of pure freedom, of pure Aloha!

These photos were taken by a guy on the beach who offered to send them to me, "so stoked on random Aloha!"

There had been a really decent West swell that had been producing some really fun waves for the past week or so. This was the end of the swell but still super fun. The conditions in Coronado were near perfect, sunny, gentle off-shore breeze and consistent waves.

I woke up and was in the water at the crack dawn and proceeded to absolutely tear it up for about 2 1/2 hours before these pics were taken, so I actually was pretty spent and was thinking about a juicy juice.

I love this photo, it clearly shows how well the Infinity Quad SUP board that I'm riding reacts to the water and generates speed through the sections.

Short wave, but still having more fun than ever!

The only thing that I cannot escape while I'm in the water SUP surfing of SUP paddling is the fact that I am  a type1 diabetic and so I take a few precautions prior to a session like this one.

I eat breakfast and drink a bunch of water to be sure I am properly fueled and hydrated, I check my blood sugar and shoot for about 190-200. Then I will paddle out and go for it!

I carry a couple of carbohydrate gel packs under my wet suit collar for an emergency. These gel packs would provide me with plenty of sugar if I were to crash and needed to get back to the beach.

I also am very aware of how I feel physically at all times while I'm surfing, so that if I begin to go hypo-glycemic I will recognize the signs and either paddle in or eat the gels and then head in.

Please remember to be safe and take the time to deal with your diabetes, and you can live life !

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