Monday, January 30, 2012


All of us have had to face it in our lives. Maybe it is some random misfortunate circumstance, an unexpected medical diagnosis, or a period of hardship. If your anything like me, you probably never really gave it much thought that your life could be affected by these things.
Adversity hits us all from time to time during our lives. It may be in the form of marriage trouble, a lost job, financial hardship, maybe even your health. It does not care about who it affects; all of us will face it in our lifetimes. The question is how we deal with it once it is upon us.
When the proverbial shit hits the fan and everything is going to hell in a hand basket most of us have the tendency to run and hide, duck and cover, and withdraw. Most will say that this is not the right thing to do when faced with adversity.
When I feel like a crab in a bucket and nothing seems to be going right, what ever adversity that I have in my life, I try to keep moving forward. There are many times that I feel down and defeated after what seems like a never ending string of misfortune, but I stand up and choose to deal with each obstacle, facing the adversity head on. 
I know that in your heart it feels as if you can't go on, and it feels impossible to move forward, but even one small step can make the difference. Sometimes if we stop for a moment we can find hidden blessings in our lives, it seems hard at times, but they exist.
I find comfort and strength in the water, when I am paddling, SUP surfing, swimming, diving or just hanging out at the beach I feel better and the time I spend in or on the water allows me to think things through and gain some focus. What ever your hidden blessings may be they are out there, you just have to stand up and put one foot in front of the other open your eyes and heart and you will find yours.
Ignoring the adversity I face in my life, and that you might be facing is not the answer, so for today I will choose to continue my fight to overcome!