Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer’s paddle celebration on Alamitos Bay at the LBCSUP Grand Prix

"The secret is out, Long Beach is now becoming a destination for paddlers and water enthusiast,"

Paul Zacharias - 3rd place SUP Stk.

This is an overview of the event in Long Beach, CA. The sun was out and so were the crowds! I can remember doing swims in the bay here almost 20 years ago with the Long Beach City College Water Polo Team. We would swim from one end of the bay to the other and run back along the sand. Coach Hank Vellecamp had us do this over and over. The race today was a little more fun.

Brian Hagg and myself, pre-race photo. Brian is 19 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about a year or so ago. (I might be wrong on his age and how long he's been a T 1, but I think I'm fairly accurate). Brian is an exceptionally talented stand up paddle racer and SUP surfer, this guy rips and is fast! It just goes to show that even when diagnosed at an early age or in your teens you can still participate in athletics and be competitive. Brian finished 4th in the unlimited division.

The start!

The pack took off and turned left as we began the race around the Island.

I'm right in the middle of this....not my best start.

This is like half way. Billy Kho and I finally dropped those two on the 14's and traded on and off through out the remainder of the race.

Billy finally pulled into the beach and I went around the move on his part. Billy Kho 2nd place, PZ 3rd in the SUP Stk. division.

The finish sprint up the beach! As I look at this photo I'm thinking that maybe I should have paddled harder and finished better than 3rd......cause I obviously have way to much energy left!

Ah! Just chillin' in the water after the race. Cheering on the other competitors as they finished.

Thanks to my sponsors H2O Audio, OnIt Pro, Hint Water, Kaenon, SportMulti, GoPro, Indo Board and Kinesys for your support!

Drinking some of my Hint Water and sporting my Kaenon Guage sunglasses post race. Great event, had an awesome time, can't wait for the next one!

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