Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things are looking Up! Up in Lake Tahoe...2011 Ta-Hoe Nalu

I am getting ready to go up to Lake Tahoe and compete in the Quicksilver Watermans Collection Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle Festival August 13-14, 2011. This will be fun, I spent many years living in North Lake Tahoe and absolutely love it up there!

I just got off the phone with a very good friend Brian Parker who I will be staying with. He is an amazing person, originally from Illinois and moved to Tahoe from Colorado. This guy is so filled with's crazy! We used to work construction together and hang out. He is the one that turned me onto climbing. He helped me pack my stuff when I left Tahoe for Hawaii. I have missed hanging out with him and his awesome outlook on life. It will be good to get together and catch up on old times and new. Brian and his daughter Olivia....she's adorable, can't wait to meet her!

Getting ready for my paddle...full on stoked!

Started out grey and overcast.....

Finished in the bright and sunny California skies!

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