Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another day, training and dealing with diabetes.....

I woke up this morning and based on my training was due for an aerobic paddle, 1.5 Hrs. at 70-80%. So I grabbed my 12’6 and headed over to Tidelands Park just across the street from where I live. As I pulled up this is the view that greeted me.  What an awesome morning!

This is the new board bag. It’s an FCS, picked it up from Paddle Surf Warehouse in Dana Point, CA.    these guys are super helpful and have tons of stuff. They are a Stand up Paddle specific shop.  

Out of the board bag and ready to go! This custom 12’6  Hobie carbon fiber stand up paddle race board  is sweet! It is super-fast and handles pretty much all kinds of conditions.

How awesome is this view? Board and paddle placed down at the water’s edge. There was zero wind and plenty of sunshine! I decided to head out under the Coronado Bay Bridge there in the back ground and head south for 45 minutes and then turn around and come back. An easy 1.5

It was just another epic morning here in Coronado…classic conditions. I couldn’t resist adding another shot….. looking out at the bay.

This is a result of exercise induced hypoglycemia. It was about 2 hours after my training paddle. I had gotten busy running around and let my blood sugars go low… worries, I usually eat and/or drink enough right after my paddles so this doesn’t happen. But as you can see I had the goods handy to reverse the effects. I try and reduce my Lantis to counter the effects of exercise induced lows and I reduce my short term insulin amounts prior to any kind of workout by about 50%. This typically works for me, but sometimes the body just does what the body does. 

 The medal I received from my 2nd place finish in the 10 – mile distance race at the 2011 Tahoe Nalu . It’s the epic conditions and being on the water along with the little things like this that make all the paddling and sometimes the rare exercise induced hypoglycemia  all worth it!

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