Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Training Grounds......No Complaints!

San Diego skyline behind me.

Another paddle in the Bay, all to myself.

Just cruisin'

That's the San Diego Convention Center behind me, I try and get out on the bay side 3 or 4 times a week. And then on the ocean side of the Island a couple of times a week.

To much splash on my recovery, Arrrrg!

Just hummin' along...love the way this board slices through the water.

Turn Around. Got to spend more time working on things like turn's....Just like when I used to swim, must spend a day practicing things like starts, turns and finishes. Drill, drill, drill!

That the USS Midway in the back ground...it's a museum now, but back in the day....

Just winding down.

And thats all folks. Felt great after this one. Pulled a total of 6.5 miles, at about 80%. My blood sugars were at around 190 at the start and were at about 107 at finish. Just before I took off I had my typical breakfast, oatmeal, water and coffee with sugar free flavored creamer. Works for me!

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  1. Hi Paul! I'm back in town and ready to train. Great blog.. looks like you're progressing through the sport well!


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