Sunday, July 17, 2011

• 2011 Hobie-Hennessey’s Waterman Challenge – 14th place SUP Stk. overall, 5th in age group

I really enjoyed this race and felt good. Again I was running up with the pack and thought I might have a chance to place fairly high and maybe qualify for the World Paddle Association (WPA) World Championships.

Looks like I'm going to have an issue with the one of the prone paddlers. But really its just a crazy camera angle.

I'm in the back ground just beyond Brandi Baksic and Mike Richards. on Brandon Lights tail. Brandi would eventually drop me, as well as Brandon. I was able to hang on and finish ahead of Mike Richards, no small feat. Mike is fast, and usually beats me.

Here we are rounding the inside bouy. Crazy swell,but made for an exciting race. But even with my best effort I was unable to pick up a finish that would qualify me for the WPA World Championships.

My good friend Liza Flowers arriving early with her carbon fiber Boga race board. She is awesome person and an inspiration to so many.

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