Sunday, July 17, 2011

• Santa Monica Pier Paddle and Ocean Festival - 4th place SUP Stk. overall, 2nd in age group

On the beach getting ready for the start.

And were off and paddling.

Felt really good during the race. The hard work paid off.

Post race talk with Dave Boehne and Chance Fielder of team Infinity.

Recieving my 2nd place award with Joe Rowan, who took 1st. Even though I finished 4th in the 12'6 SUP Stk. division I wasn't sure if this would allow me to qualify for the WPA World Championships. But I was really happy with the results.

My 2nd place award the "Bowl".

John R. Goodman and I on the Santa Monica pier with our "Bowls".

Post race celebration, again with the "Bowl". And for all of you wondering about the cold frosty adult beverages, it's light beer. Far less carbohydrates than regular.

Later that night at Posidon SUP in Santa Monica. These bowls really were an intregal part to the entire after race celebrations. And I'm sure that was a low carb. drink I was consuming.

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