Monday, July 18, 2011

• 2011 San Clemente Ocean Festival 10 K Distance Paddle Race 8th overall 12’6 SUP Stk. 2nd place in age group

MIke Rauber throwing the "shaka" We had just loaded up and were getting ready to head up the coast from San Diego to the Moonlight paddle in Long Beach and then to the 2011 San Clemente Ocean Festival.

I had finished the moonlight paddle in Long Beach ate and tested all was good. Got to the hotel outside of San Clemente got ready to crash and wham! a little exercise induced hypoglycemia. For those who don't have to deal with this.....let me tell you when your blood glucose level is at 34, that's not good. Believe me you don't even want to, nor can you imagine what this feels like. Needless to say it was all good after consuming some carbs.

My little pre-race ritual. A quick test of my blood sugar and a Juicy Juice, bring it on!

All smiles...diggin' life. The San Clemente Ocean Festival was a first class run event.

And were off! That's Brent Pascoe of team Infinity next to me.

My 2nd place Silver medal from the 2011 San Clemente Ocean Festival.

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