Sunday, July 17, 2011

2011 Standup Roundup/Boardworks Knockout

I almost forgot about this race. I wasn't going to even do the race but at the last minute, because it was so close to my home in Mission Bay, CA. I went over to check it out. Didn't take my board was going to just watch. Once I was there though I couldn't resist. Dave Daum of Kings was nice enough to allow me to race one of his boards.

There was alot of sea grass and kelp along the short 3-mile course and it kept getting caught on the fin. I was forced to get off the board 3 or 4 times, flip the board over and remove the kelp. Despite the minor setback I was able to finish 5th overall in the 12'6 Stk. division, two positions out of qualifying for the final knockout round.

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