Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hennessey Return to the Pier 2011

Crazy conditions at the Hermosa Beach race.

I'm bouncing around somewhere in that pack.
The race was from pier to pier and back. I drove up from San Diego, CA. with my friend Liza Flowers. The shore break was so intense she didn't even make it out, I struggled through this race, was not happy with my paddle. To date this was the toughest race conditions all season.

Finally, the end. I had to yell my race number two or three times to the folks on the race boat who were being bounced around like a cork in a bath tub.

I caught this wave in to the beach. Managed to catch one of the smaller sets and finally set foot on the sand. Very frustrated afterwards, but being the competitor I am I was ofcourse my own worse critic.

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